Aasimar Otter that wanted to finally feel less like an object and part of something greater


Basic Info

Name: Marcus HP: 188
Race: Otter Folk/Aasimar SR: 18
Sex: Male DR: None
Class: 15 Witch/ Monk 5 Mana: 242
Base Attack: 8/2 Speed: 30
Initiative: 3

Ability Score

Strength 16 3
Dexterity 16 3
Constitution 16 3
Intelligence 26 8
Wisdom 22 6
Charisma 20 5

Armor Class

Base Armour Shield Dexterity Size Natural Deflection Misc
AC: 38 10 5 0 3 0 11 1 5
Flat Footed: 21

Combat Maneuvers

Total Base BAB Strength Dexterity Class
CMD 27 10 11 3 3 4
Total BAB Strength Size
CMB 14 11 3 0


Total Base Mod Magic Misc
Fortitude 21 9 3 4 5
Reflex 16 9 3 4 5
Will 27 12 6 4 5


Type: Flaming Sword Cane Type: Adamantine Bastard Sword
Attack Bonus: 8 Attack Bonus: 10
Damage: 1d6+2 Damage: 1d10
Critical: x2 Critical: 17-20/x2
Ammunition: None Ammunition: None
Notes: 1d6 fire Notes: Keen

Armor Items

Head: Headband of Inspired Wisdom
Face: Horizon Goggles
Body: Robe of Archmagi
Neck: Amulet of Natural Armor +4
Back: Cloak of Resistance +5
Feet: None
Waist: None
Hands: None
Ring: Ring of Counterspell
Ring: Ring of Celestial Transformation
Other: Ioun Stone, Clear Spindle


Skill Name(Abi) Total Mod Ranks Misc
Acrobats(Dex)^ 17 3 11 3
Appraise(Int) 8 8 0
Bluff(Cha) 8 5 0 3
Climb(Str)^ 16 2 11 3
Craft(Int)^________ 8 8 0
Craft(Int)^________ 8 8 0
Craft(Int)^________ 8 8 0
Diplomacy(Cha) 5 5 0
Disable Device(Dex)* 3 3 0
Disguise(Cha) 5 5 0
Escape Artist(Dex)^ 16 3 10 3
Fly(Dex)^ 8 3 2 3
Handle Animal(Cha)* 5 5 0
Heal(Wis)^ 21 6 12 3
Intimidate(Cha)^ 20 5 12 3
Knowledge(Arcana)(Int)*^ 26 8 15 3
Knowledge(Dun)(Int)* 8 8 0
Knowledge(Eng)(Int)* 8 8 0
Knowledge(Geo)(Int)* 8 8 0
Knowledge(His)(Int)*^ 26 8 15 3
Knowledge(Loc)(Int)* 8 8 0
Knowledge(Nat)(Int)*^ 26 8 15 3
Knowledge(Nob)(Int)* 8 8 0
Knowledge(Planes)(Int)*^ 26 8 15 3
Knowledge(Rel)(Int)*^ 26 8 15 3
Linguistics(Int)* 8 8 0
Perception(Wis)^ 26 6 15 5
Perform(Cha)_________^ 8 5 0 3
Perform(Cha)_________^ 8 5 0 3
Profession(Wis)Scribe^ 14 3 8 3
Profession(Wis)______^ 3 3 0
Ride(Dex)^ 3 3 0
Sense Motive(Wis)^ 3 3 4
Sleight of Hand(Dex)* 3 3 0
Spellcraft(Int)*^ 25 8 14 3
Stealth(Dex)^ 19 3 13 3
Survival(Wis) 11 3 8
Swim:(Str)^ 13 2 8 3
Use Magic Device(Cha)*^ 17 5 6 6

Languages Known

Common Elven Folk Celestial Draconic Eastern Dwarven Infernal


  1. Spell Penetration
  2. Greater Spell Penetration
  3. Empower Spell
  4. Extra Hex
  5. Maximize Spell
  6. Silent Spell
  7. Quicken Hex
  8. Toughness
  9. Arcane Strike
  10. Elemental Fist
  11. Dodge
  12. Piercing Spell

Racial Traits/ Class features

1. Darkvision- 60 ft.
2. Acid Resistance 5
3. Cold Resistance 5
4. Racial Spell- Daylight
5. Flurry of Blows 1/1
6. Stunning Fist
7. Unarmed Strike
8. Still Mind
9. Bastion Stance


1. Misfortune (APG 66)
2. Fortune (APG
3. Ward (APG 67)
4. Major Healing- Cure Serious
5. Flight
6. Tongues- 13 min.
7. Retribution (APG 68)
8. Evil Eye (APG 67)
9. Balm- Fast Healing 3


All inside a Handy Haversack
1. Deck of illusions x1
2. Scroll of Cloud of Knives x1
3. Scroll of Wraithsteps x1
4. Potion of True Life x1
5. Biased Draconomicon x1
6. Mithril Ingot x1
7. Parchment x20
8. Ink x1
9. Potion of Eagle’s Splendor x1
10. +3 Greatsword x1
11. +1 Greatsword x1
12. Mithril Banded Mail x1
13. Anti-Insanity Potion x14
14. Small Blank Tomes x12
15. Lg Blank Tome x9
16. Calligraphy kit x1


Current: 325,513
Next: 445,000


Copper: 7 pieces
Silver: 0 pieces
Gold: 31,905 pieces
Platinum: 49 pieces


Name: Yargrah HP: 63
Species: Fox SR: 20
Sex: Male DR: None
Size: Small Initiative: 1
Base Attack: 5 Speed: 40

Ability Score

Strength 13 1
Dexterity 13 1
Constitution 15 2
Intelligence 13 1
Wisdom 12 1
Charisma 6 -2

Armor Class

Base Armour Shield Dexterity Size Natural Deflection Misc
AC: 22 10 4 0 1 0 8 0 0
Flat Footed: 21
h4. *Combat Manuevers*
Total Base BAB Strength Dexterity Size
CMD 17 10 5 1 1 0
Total BAB Strength Size
CMB 6 5 1 0


Fortitude 6
Reflex 6
Will 10


Type: Bite +2
Attack Bonus:8
Damage: 1d4+1
Critical: x2
Ammunition: None
Notes: Natural


Skill Name(Abi) Total Mod Ranks Misc
Acrobats(Dex) 12 1 7 4
Climb(Str) 11 1 7 3
Fly(Dex) 6 1 2 3
Perception(Wis) 23 1 8 14
Stealth(Dex) 12 1 8 3
Survival(Wis) 12 1 8 3
Swim:(Str) 13 1 8 4

Feats/ Special Abilities

1. Skill Focus (Perception)
2. Alertness
3. Improved Evasion
4. Share Spells
5. Empathic Link
6. Deliver Touch Spells
7. Speak with Master
8. Speak with animals of its kind
9. Spell Resistance


Silver…It’s always the Silver they notice. Marcus groaned inwardly as he watched the crowd’s eyes. they always seemed to come for his fur, not his magic. Luckily, they also seemed to pay more because of it. Sighing, the otter kin thought back to how things used to be, even a little before.

He was special. at least, he was told he was special. Since birth he was always recognizable by his bright silver fur and shining blue eyes. The village priest Percy was amazed but Priest Vars Sneered. No one had expected him to be like this, as both his parents were normal. Normal, as they had been for generations. There had never been one like him in recorded history, but everyone knew what he meant. He was a sign, a sign that his family was a blessed one, that they were respectable. The priest sought it as a sign to prove to everyone else in the village that Neptune was a divine god, a god of compassion and of sentiment for his people, not one to be feared. To his parents, Fisherman Sark and housewife Mara it meant a chance to be better than they were, to get favors from the church, to be invited to the mayors party, to be have people come to them to offer up prayers to the miraculous child. To Marcus, it meant a childhood of being used. Used as an object, and treated with all the dignity of one too. He was lucky enough to get his parents to even agree to let him study his magic, though Priest Percy insisted. Stating that Magic can be used for good, though many people in the village though otherwise. Cleric Vars thought magic as a abomination of the divine and wanted it eradicated from the lutra isles, thinking it offensive to Neptune. It was whispered among his father and mother that his family had a history of being great magic users, but in recent generations the practiced was shunned. Marcus never could figure out why, but he loved his magic ability. He loved to feel the rush of power as he prepared his spell, and watch as he created wonderful and (to him) powerful spells; Spells he always saw a use for, and never feared. Getting his parents to allow him was tricky, and it took him nearly burning down the tiny tool shed in the backyard to get them to at least cautiously agree to train. He was still only allowed to do it when no one could see him, aka really REALLY late at night. Marcus could count on a paw how many times his tired mind had nearly hurt him badly; one time nearly the paw itself. In an attempt to train under better conditions, Marcus hid away from the calls of his parents during some of the day, knowing that the skill of magic was more important than being a flashy token.

Priest Percy was unfortunately annoying, coming to check in on him. Asking him to come to sermons and with it he inflamed the pride of his parents who were already over chocking on themselves. Marcus shook his head as he brought himself back to the present. Get yourself together man, this isn’t the time to lose your cool. He shook his head and looked down into his little hat that served as his money dish and saw it full once more. He smiled and picked it up, tucking it away in a sleeve. He remembered better times than a street performer, a better existence, a better thrill. Marcus recalled his travels here, his tests of skill and even his faith.

It was an old man that motivated him, he couldn’t understand the feeling of the way most otter kin felt but an old man came to his village and told him about how there are those that use their power for good and how he could help the weak and powerless. It was the push he needed, he didn’t tell his parents. He was tired of being used, he wanted to go explore and maybe possible help others. He found the next boat leaving for Grisser and jump ship watching the his country fade in the distance he didn’t know how to feel. His parents though he loved them also hated them. After a few moments of staring at the island, the young otter stated good riddance. It wasn’t until a year later he found his mentor.

Thinking of that, Marcus cursed silently as he had nearly forgotten his daily ritual. He moved into the throng of the market, and purchased a few fish from a stall. He quickly proceeded out of the city to the small cave he claimed as his own, to his simple altar he had carefully assembled. Placing one of the larger ones on the altar, he lit it, speaking the simple prayers he had thought of to Neptune, a god from his home realm. after finishing, he sat back and thought just how different his homeland was to this area to the Lutra Isle, which was home to many sea folk. Sadly, Marcus knew he would never stay. His popularity guaranteed that, as Marcus was a shy, almost introverted individual. His daily “shows” were usually his only real interaction with people. Until he found a happy cheetah who told him about the door way to the truth and the truth with in our souls, he told Marcus who looked confused. What proceeded was a friendship that never diminished.


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