History of Oriden

  1. Age of Nothing
  2. Age of the Gods
  3. Age of New Beginnings
  4. Age of Sages
  5. Age of Reason

Age of Nothing (void)

Most Clerics and Scholars have come to an uneasy agreement of how Erros came to be, through none can be for certain and their are many question that have yet to be answered, but I have been ask by father Nigel to write out a simplified version of the creation that can be passed out to the parishioners of every Temple. So I will do my best.

In the beginning Erros had no form and all of existence was comprised of Hune, which is what it is now commonly interpreted as “the breadth of life”, when Phara, the Aeon of Light and Atara the Aeon of Dark willed existence into being. At this time there was only one realm in existence for even the other realms were never meant to be. Phara and Atara felt that existence needed form so they created the four great forces. Atara created the force of the Golem the Earth Titan and Zephrin the Wind Bird. While Phara created the force of Infira the Fire Lizard, and Levithen the Water Snake. Each had their own secret and gift to the world. Tapping into the Hune that was around them they shapped existence into being, giving it form. Phara and Atara were pleased.

The forces look down on Errors and felt they needed help and in their efforts created the caretakers or what we we call the Phalars, who later became the deities of the world. They used the Hune to create the substance of the world, defining dirt, trees, sea and mountain, creating the world similar to what we know of it today and the forces were pleased

After the Phalars had finished they felt that existence needed purpose, so they created Life but this is not life as we know it. Life that existed then was empty, void of all compassion and reason, they fallowed the Phalars and the forces, not yet aware of themselves or their existence. Though beyond this the phalars, Atara, Phara and the forces didn’t see this as a problem and smiled knowing existence had purpose and the world was peaceful and Phalars were pleased. Thus Paradise came into being, but this paradise, this Eden as it was called could not last forever.

Now the clerics have yet to determine what transpired during this time and the ancient text are vague in their explanation, but it has been agreeded upon by the Selune Clerics that some of the Phalars became pride full of their creation and wanted to prove who was the strongest amongst them. Whether it was the Phalars themselves or the Forces were still uncertain and I won’t go into the theories and the argument but their has been incredible bickering about this but no matter what initiated the event, everyone agrees to what happened afterward, they went to war.

Age of the Gods

The Pharlars of Earth, Fire, Water and Wind combated each other during this dark time. Each neglecting existence and used the newly created life as a weapon of war and savagery. Thus death was introduced into the world. Though how long the war raged on, one could only guess. It could of lasted as long as a few eons or a few season, but we do know when everything was said and done, their was no victor and only a draw could be reached. The phalars got desperate and pleaded to the force to lend them power. It was then when one of the forces relented, many believing it to be the great fire lizard and focused hune into the creation of life, it was then that something unexpected happen. Sentience or maybe a better term would be awareness came into being.

Many believe this to be the creation of the soul, now keep in mind that the soul that we have today is much different then what was created back then, we had sentience but we lacked free will. We were aware but we were unable to make our own decisions. In any case, knowing this every Phalar and every force began to weave hune into life and thus tipping the balance of power and creating what would be a clear cut winner. Unfortunately their meddling in the weave of existence created a weakness in its structural integrity, and soon existence couldn’t sustain itself and so it began to tear. The Forces and the Phalars all saw the tragedy comming and all of them tried desperately to hold existence together but in the end they failed. Existence began to break apart part of what the Phalars held on to created the planes.

Thus we come to another sticking point that has caused many arguments among educated men of our age. Nobody knows what happened to life after the Cataclysm, and it was evident that when the planes were created or fell into existence some of paradise was salvage, or so they say and created Celestia. While another part of “The broken” existence couldn’t sustain anything. Not even to what little life it had, and thus this plane became the abyss.

Age of New Beginnings

No one know how long it took the Phalars to observe the damage or what drab of existence remained. Eventually they found the Material Plane and to their surprise saw that life survived and in fact continued on. Now some argue that the time between the cataclysm and the birth of the gods was only a mere day or so, some say it was years. Taking into account, that they observed actions and behaviors that could only be explain to be a begging of a society. Wait I’m getting to far into it and if I start rambling on about every little detail about the creation, then we would be here forever. Many scholars believed that the cataclysm had some profound affect on life, considering it was the weave being broken. Some suspect that the soul as we know it today came into being, thus free will was born. Some Phalars were enraged at this irritated that they could use the life that was created to their will and some were enamored and fascinated. Many other Phalars saw the planes and existence as misshapen and broken and thus it needed to be fixed. Many Phalars state that this is wrong and paradise is incapable of being remended. Thus this created another war, one that was fought between the gods themselves. Many used the creatures as puppets, some fed on souls to increase their own power, other urged the creatures to lend them power, giving the Phalar’s strength. Now again their has been debate about what exactly took place during this time. Some believed that the Phalar’s mated with creatures to created the sages. It is also some debate whether the sages learned magic from the phalars or if they were taught by them. Though it is an unmistakable fact that the magic came into existence of this world, and it was an endeavor or I guess I should say an ingenuity of life.

It was during this time that many scholars have debated about for centuries and subject of heated argument. Strangely the war came to complete stop between the age of new beginnings and the age of Sages, for what reason we do not know. What we do know for certain is that neither side won. If that were the case the world would be a much different place. Now most believe in the Selune belief that the Selune gods, who had established themselves during this time were about to win and the Vile gods, the gods that fed upon the souls of creatures retreated in fear of complete annihilation. Another concept, and this one is somewhat frightening, is the belief that the vile gods retreated on purpose in order to execute a greater plan, one in which will someday devour the world then again very few share this idea. A new idea proposed by scholars in the past hundred years is the Sages retribution concept, stating that sages along with an alliance between the Selune phalars and with what was left of the creatures, rebelled and fought back against the vile phalars banishing them permanently from the material plane. This based on some ancient script found in some temples in the Aelorian kingdom. Though what seems to be the most debated belief is the Tahlorian concept, which is derived from the ancient scrolls Ora, this of course is questionable and some argue it’s validity since certain text that predate the scroll never gives an account of this deity Tahlor. Unfortunately there is not much I do know about this subject.

Age of Sages

What funny is that this is probably more books and text from this age of time but know very little about it. It is believed that during this time between the war of the gods, that the distance races began to form. We don’t know exactly what happen to cause this one theory is that the sages infused certain types of magic within the creatures to create the different races. There is much debate whether the humans, elves, dwarfs, Garrins, Ursines or Felines were the original race, their has been some nasty squabbles between the clerics and scholars of these races but that is besides the point. The Sage either human or half human took control of the world after the departure of the Gods. Though they still had influence, it wasn’t to the degree prior. During this time, their have been recounted tales of peace and prosperity. Life flourished and many of our myths and legends came into being during this time frame. Then something happen, I don’t know if you see a pattern here, but I see it. War broke out and sages fought among themselves. No one really know what happened during this war, all we know that when the war ended, the great power and knowledge of the sages was lost and those who were known as sages, ceased to exist.

Age of the Reason

Thus created the Age of reason and our current age, It has been around 2000 years since the fall of the sages and I think life has managed well. Some Argue that the Selune will eventually defeat the Vile Gods and bring back Paradise and those that have fallowed the Selune, will be spared the retribution and live amongst the gods. Some would rather see the world burn and fallow the Vile gods. Many races like most Orcs, Knolls, goblins and Bugbears still feel that the war is going on and that they only have to bide their time before their deities will come back and smite the world in eternal flame. Though I and many other in the Selune feel that the Gods have already claimed victory, and it is only in good time when the gods will strike their last blow reclaiming the world that once was. May the Gods watch over and bless everyone.


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