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Welcome to Oriden a world rich in history, deep in intrigue and expansive with it’s geography. In Oriden unlike many other Campaign setting you will find a world not shaped by pure ideological ideas, but a world that can be ambiguous as our own. What’s may appear Right and Wrong on the surface may just be a guise or an illusion to something deeper. Where every Orc is not evil and even a silver Dragon may lead you astray.

First a slight history, the world of Oriden actually began with a character. I had a concept of a character but I wanted to bring him to life in a fully expansive world and with that the world began to take shape. Now at the time, Dungeons and Dragons was a fairly new concept but I wanted to incorporate a world that was very similar to our own and I want to introduce player into forcing them to have to make decision that are very difficult to make. Where some of the emphasis of the game relayed on the role playing instead of the battle.

Now through out the text and the wiki I will be making references or suggesting variables that you as a DM or player may want to alter or adapt to your own liking. Of course everything presented here isn’t the rule of the land, and I invite every DM to adopts this world to make their own judgment call and fit things into the world that works for you.

  1. History of the World
  2. Differences of the World
  3. New Races in the World
  4. New Classes in the World
  5. Legends of the World
  6. Maps of the World
  7. Notable Cities of the World
  8. New Items

Main Page

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